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Права человека, сажать деревья, окружающая среда, чистая вода, люди в беде и многое другое

Хелпиметр такой же, как и все другие социальные сети, с одним существенным отличием: мы используем 80% прибыли, чтобы поддержать такие причины, как изменение климата, права человека и многое другое.


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Rebels enviroment
  • 2019-07-15 15:58:38 UTC

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❗The environmental activist group is calling for greater government action against the climate emergency. Monday’s demonstrations – targeting London, Cardiff, Leeds, Bristol and Glasgow – caused disruption to traffic in parts of the cities. Extinction Rebellion protesters block the Neville Street Bridge on one of the main approach routes into Leeds. Credits tofor photo to Ian Forsyth/Getty Images #rebelforlife #helpimeter #extinction #rebellion

Plastic food helpimeter
  • 2019-07-17 09:22:21 UTC

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Did you hear about Uber Eats, they started to support restaurants and customers to reduce plastics use. This pilot consist in making a choice of different options for customers whether or not they want to receive straws and/or utensils from restaurants. Start with Canada and US. What do you think?! Maybe here on @helpimeter @jatin @andrey we can do something about it as well?! Like score the most friendly restaurant in #paris ? #helpimeter #uber

Cdv photo 001
  • 2019-07-20 14:41:00 UTC

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#SmileForFuture Smile today if you believe in the world of tomorrow ! 😁 #wearethefuture #careabouttheplanet