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Big Penguin is watching you! 🐧 Contre le changement climatique !!! Tous ensemble! Bravo #RealClimateHero #Paris #climatestrike #laffairedusiecle #climatechange

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elly lemar elly lemar 2 months

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elly lemar

Hey Helpimeters, About Amazonia fire... Just be careful what you see on the internet about Amazon fires and Amazon Rainforest. First to read 😉 this article: https://www.motherjones.com/environment/2019/08/stop-sharing-those-viral-photos-of-the-amazon-burning/ Then look at those pictures made by Theguardian https://www.theguardian.com/environment/gallery/2007/oct/24/1 #realclimatehero And LAST, check this youtube video to see a where the viral photo really come from (7:50 min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc8hS8aJ7_4 I am not saying that the problem is not here, the media just sometimes influence us. Please share with me what you found/figure out about this situation! 🚩

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Andrey Andrey 3 months
@lemar thank you for sharing, very interesting research. 🙌 Guys, check it out! @cel @pris @juju @morre @jatin @danjoe @tintin @vivi @emilie @josemiguel @julie @ivansolovyev

Olivier Vincent Olivier Vincent 3 months
😠 ooo crap! Thank you Elly @lemar

elly lemar elly lemar 3 months
thank you @andrey merci 😊

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@roroleo78 et @matteogazeuse sont contre le changement climatique !!! Tous ensemble! Bravo #RealClimateHero Ils sont de Marly-le-Roi Yvelines Le lycée Louis de Broglie! With @andrey #Paris #climatestrike #laffairedusiecle #climatechange #tousconcernes

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elly lemar elly lemar 9 months

StandUp4Climate StandUp4Climate 9 months
💪🌍 Bravo!

Andrey Andrey 9 months
@matteogazeuse welcome to the helpimeter community! 💪🌏

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