It’s a last day of the year and it’s not too late to finish with your 2019 year resolution. Here we go world, Alix and Clémentine decided today to give away all their stuff to the Ressourcerie. We say Bravo to our #HelpiHero So what is La Ressourcerie? La Ressourcerie is a part of the Paris waste management system. It a place to reuse, to recycle and to give away all possible objects from kitchen cups and clothes to CDs and toys. The main mission of Ressourcerie is to encourage the emergence of eco-citizen behavior and improve the quality of life on its territory, it is developing local services that create social ties and innovative economic activities, with a specific focus on re-employment activities. It creates socially useful local jobs, and pays particular attention to the participative dimension of the action in order to unite the actors of the territory around a concerted social and environmental action. Finally, it stimulates an inclusive participatory dynamic and strengthens collective commitment in action. It develops services that meet the needs of each type of audience, and pays particular attention to actions targeting audiences that are difficult to reach. #Ressourcerie #newyearresolution #recycle #reuse #helpimeter #helpimeterspirit #paris

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