Don't miss it - New Helpi App is coming soon. Faster, Simpler, More Secure... Helpimeter is a New European Social Network. Follow and see what people up to, MAKE AN IMPACT TODAY and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you care about. Keeping up with people who care about our future. • See what others talking about • Share updates, photos and video • Get notified when other people Helpi and comment on your posts • Choose your interest and motivate others to do like you • Help Seeker with their projects Example "Make the most impact on Climate Change": • Reduce your carbon footprint • Help people to be conscious of their own personal impact on the environment • Exchange experiences and promote everyday activities that impact the environment • Calculation of carbon footprint or/and points that can be saved by doing actions Some ideas to get started: • Take public transports or carpool • Use a reusable water bottle • Present about climate change to others • Start a club • Write to your senator or representative • Turn off the lights / unplug unused devices • Send fewer messages with attachments • Be creative ... #helpiapp #helpimeter #atwork #cantwait #comingsoon

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