Based on Economist article published today, US is the world’s largest economy in the world and its second biggest polluter, climate change is becoming hard to IGNORE. All over the world Scientists are sounding the alarm that we should take actions more urgently! We believe that Europe has an important role to play and it should create a new way of thinking and contre-balance American model. For last couples weeks Belgium students have showed us how to act and what to say to our gouverments. We invite everyone to raise for our future, there is no other Earth for 8 billion people. We really believe that Social Networks as well as @helpimeter platform should be the right solution to contre-balance. #standupforclimate #protectenvironment #enviroment #climatechange #climate #riseforclimate #helpimeter Source article: Source picture:

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Андрей Куличёв Андрей Куличёв 4 days
о А что влияло на ледниковый период?

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👉🤓 @akulich

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