Thank you guys for YOUR every day contribution to build a new awesome platform in Europe named Helpimeter! @cel @danjoe @tintin @jatin @morre @dior @andrey from: #helpimeter #team

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Andrey Ka Andrey Ka 6 months
Special thanks to the ‘L’Homme dans l’ombre” @kryss You are awesome man, thank you for your every day support and coaching! Without you @helpimeter is not Helpimeter 💪👨‍💻

Måns Löfås Måns Löfås 6 months
@helpimeter it’s a cause worth supporting 😍

Danielle Martinez Danielle Martinez 6 months
💪💪💪 thank you guys, you are the best to try to build something like helpimeter in this world! 100% with you! 🙆

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