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Did you hear about Uber Eats, they started to support restaurants and customers to reduce plastics use. This pilot consist in making a choice of different options for customers whether or not they want to receive straws and/or utensils from restaurants. Start with Canada and US. What do you think?! Maybe here on @helpimeter @jatin @andrey we can do something about it as well?! Like score the most friendly restaurant in #paris ? #helpimeter #uber

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Andrey Andrey about 1 year
@lemar thank you for sharing...! It's so true cause if the current trend continues, there could be more plastic than fish (by weight) in the ocean by 2050. #Uber started a great initiative. Maybe we should just post here a good or bad places to go if they use too much Plastic... Or we can imaging something to score them on map 🤓 ...need to think about it more

Julie Julie about 1 year

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